We’re on a mission to make the precious gift of tefillah more personal.


Nachamu Nachamu Ami

Join the Daily Dose, a seven-week journey of growth, between Tisha B'av and Rosh Hashana, designed to help us achieve greater heights together. Through the timeless words of the Siddur, we will transcend the mourning of Av and prepare for the upcoming year of 5782.

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Download our annotated Shavuos Machzor with thoughts and insights on the Tefillos


We’ll match you up with a partner in prayer and bring your experiences to life in prayer.


Read members’ experiences and insights, get inspired, and share some of your own.

Take part in Partners in Prayer events to enrich your life and add meaning to your day.

The siddur is the most powerful relationship tool we have:

It organizes all of our personal experiences and insights, and directs us to draw on them to grow as a person and to enhance our relationship with The Infinite Creator. 

But it doesn’t always feel that way. 

When we’re saying the words by rote, thinking about the world around us instead of focusing inward and upward, we lose out on the powerful effects of this incredible tool.

The truth: There are as many faces of prayer as there are faces of human beings. 

Each one of us has unique experiences and insights that we can use in our relationship with The Infinite Creator. 


Join our mission. Share your message.

Share your experiences and insights. What did you learn from life–both the good and bad times? What eye-opening perspectives can you offer? Stories with your children, with your spouses, with your teachers, ideas that arose while learning or reading or simply watching the sunset? 
All of these life experiences can change the very nature of prayer from a formal action into something more subtle and powerful: prayer as a constantly growing entity, something that impacts me–and can impact others as well.